SRSU Library offers a variety of services to students, staff, faculty, Community Borrowers, and visitors.

  • Free printing is available for current SRSU students, faculty and staff
  • All printing is black and white only on the first level
  • Color printing on second floor only
  • Third floor desktop computers print to the second floor printer
  • Scan to your own thumb drive, then print from the thumb drive if needed
  • Borrow or buy a thumb drive from the Front Desk
  • Scanning is available at both first floor printers, Godzilla and Frankenstein
  • Request photocopies at the Front Desk
  • Black and white only
  • $0.10 each page
  • Anyone may send or receive faxes at the Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library
  • $0.50 for the first page and $0.25 for every page thereafter (ex: 3 pages cost $1)
  • Cover letter templates are available
  • Faxes may be sent to 432-837-8400.
    • If you are planning to receive a fax at the Library, contact the Front Desk at 432-837-8123
    • Received faxes accrue the same charges as faxes sent
  • Anyone may utilize lamination services
  • Note that turnaround time varies
  • Lamination prices are broken down by size of material:
business cards $0.50
index cards / photos $0.75
letter-sized paper $1.65
legal-sized paper $2.10
large / menus / small posters $2.55
irregular sizes $0.15 per inch

last updated: May 27, 2022