Betsy Evans, Director of Library and Research Technologies
Office: 432-837-8312
Room: WML 103
Box: C-109
Oscar Jimenez, Library Budget Manager
Office: 432-837-8124
Room: WML 102
Box: C-109
Cynthia R. Slocumb (Cindy), Library Operations Supervisor
Office: 432-837-8313
Room: WML 131
Box: C-109
Elizabeth Davis, Collection Development and Serials Librarian
Office: 432-837-8758
Room: WML 311
Box: C-109
Adam Watson, Library Assistant – Cataloging
Office: 432-837-8757
Room: WML 309
Box: C-109
Mike Fernandez, Systems Librarian
Office: 432-837-8738
Room: WML 108
Box: C-109
Hannah Yetwin, Digital Collections Librarian
Office: 432-837-8417
Room: WML 204
Box: C-149
Michael J Howard, Digital Imaging Specialist
Office: 432-837-8125
Room: Digitization Lab, 2nd Floor
Box: C-149
Al Gomez, Library Assistant – Digital Imaging and Circulation Manger
Office: 432-837-8272
Room: WML 107
Box: C-109
Melleta Bell, Senior Archivist, Archives of the Big Bend
Office: 432-837-8127
Room: WML 216
Box: C-149

last updated: June 10, 2021