The TexShare Program from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) allows eligible patrons of participating libraries to borrow books at any other participating library throughout Texas. This program is a cooperative venture among Texas academic libraries, public libraries that belong to regional library systems, and libraries of clinical medicine.

Learn more about the program from TSLAC.

How to obtain a TexShare Card

Apply online below after reading more about the program.

  • Currently enrolled Sul Ross students: TexShare Cards must be renewed each semester
  • Current faculty and staff: TexShare cards issued to faculty and staff are good for one year and expire on Aug 31 of each year

Note: TexShare cards are issued only to patrons without current fines

SRSU and SRSU-RGC students, staff, and faculty may apply online for a TexShare card after reading the program agreement below. RGC students, staff, and faculty may also request to apply in person from the SWTJC library at their campus.

Information for TexShare Visitors

Those visiting with a valid TexShare card may check out five books at a time. A late fee of $0.25/day will be charged for overdue items.

TexShare Program Agreement


An eligible student, faculty, or staff member of a TexShare library may use the collections of any TexShare library on-site, and, upon completion of the borrower’s agreement and with proper identification, borrow materials that they may take away with them. Any individual known to have outstanding charges at his/her home library may be denied the right to participate in the TexShare Card program.

Responsibilities of Borrowers

Eligible students, faculty, and staff will:

  • Obtain and sign the TexShare Card which constitutes the agreement specifying the privileges and obligations associated with participation in the program and agree to comply with the terms and conditions of participation set out in the borrower’s agreement.
  • Present appropriate identification as required by this Agreement and the lending library.
  • Observe the regulations of the lending library.
  • Return materials in person, by first class, insured mail, or by the TEXpress courier service where available, within the loan period prescribed by the lending library.
  • Return materials immediately in person or by a form of priority mail if recalled by the lending library.
  • Pay fines or any other charges assessed by the lending library, including, but not limited to, charges incurred as the result of late return, damage, or loss of materials.
  • Surrender the TexShare Card to TexShare library staff if requested.

Apply Online

If the webform does not populate, click here to apply.

last updated: January 18, 2022