Entering the Building

Patrons may not access the library building before the officially posted opening time. Opening hours vary on weekends, between semesters, and for various holidays and events. Current and upcoming hours for all locations are posted on the homepage and at .

Please note that specialized areas and services within the building, such as the Lobo Den, the Tutoring Center, and the Archives of the Big Bend, have their own hours of operation and may not be accessible to patrons during all building hours. Additionally, some areas of the building are reserved for personnel access only at all times.

Exiting the Building

Patrons must exit the building before the officially posted closing time, unless they are sanctioned to remain for a University-sponsored event supervised by personnel.

Library staff will broadcast announcements at 45 minutes before, 30 minutes before, 15 minutes before, and exactly at closing to notify patrons of the need to exit.

Services of the Front Desk close 15 minutes before closing.

Additionally, patrons must exit the building if an alarm system instructs them to do so, or if they are directed to do so by personnel who are enforcing policies or addressing emergencies.

After-Hours Space Use by Employees with Building Access

  • Non-library employees from departments located in the library building are permitted to use their own departmental spaces while the building is closed. An employee may admit others to the building as necessary for planned use/activity, but the employee is expected to be present and responsible for the duration of the use.
  • Both library and non-library employees located in the library building who wish to use library-specific spaces while the building is closed are expected to request via Library Administration and are expected to be present and responsible for the duration of the use.

last updated: July 31, 2023