Library Instruction Contact

Betsy Evans
Education and Outreach Librarian

Library Instruction Program

The Sul Ross Library offers in-person and virtual library instruction as part of the Library’s purpose to provide learning resources and services necessary to support the educational, research and information needs of the University, including traditionally scheduled classroom instruction sessions, virtual reference service, research consultations, research guides, online tutorials, and informal one-on-one instruction at the Information Desk.

Current Library Instruction offerings include:

Formal and informal tours of the Library’s three levels, including an overview of the available resources. An orientation to the Archives of the Big Bend, housed on the second level, is also available with pre-planning.

Formal introduction to the Library’s physical and virtual services tailored to a curriculum, course syllabus or specific assignment. Refer to the Library Learning Outcomes and other potential learning outcomes to plan the best method of approach.

Librarians are interested in pilot projects that integrate information literacy concepts and Library Learning Outcomes into full courses.

Tips for Incorporating the Library into a Syllabus or Assignment

If you feel strongly about making sure your students understand the value of an academic library in their studies (and we hope you do!), one easy thing you can do is incorporate information about the Library into your syllabus or add content about the Library to your Blackboard page*.

Even if your course does not require an explicit research component, the Library offers many opportunities for students to expand their learning. Simply by sharing information with your students about the Library, you’ll encourage them to consider these opportunities.

Feel free to craft your own statement, or share ours:

The Library exists to provide learning resources and services necessary to support your educational, research, and information needs. Use the Library and the Archives of the Big Bend to your advantage! You can get help in person, over the phone, by chat or via email. Visit for more information.

*For more about incorporating Library content into Blackboard or to learn how to embed a librarian into your Library course, contact Betsy Evans, Education and Outreach Librarian, or Sandy Bogus, Instructional Designer, or 432-837-8523.

  • Try to schedule library instruction strategically so that it coincides with an assignment that utilizes an information literacy concept
  • Be involved and specific when coordinating with the Library. The more information you share about your assignment and your goals for library instruction, the more the librarians can tailor the session to your specific class

Information literate individuals understand the value of quality information. The free internet has a place in our society. Let’s teach students to consume and create information ethically and responsibly.